OzAsia Festival looks to business for more backing

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TTN: South Australia’s biggest Asia-focused festival is looking to business for funding – but don’t seem to be focusing on the businesses that have the most to gain from the festival – Chinese business from the festival’s focus region of Shandong.

From abc.net.au 24th February 2014

OzAsia Festival looks to business for more backing

A fund has been established for the OzAsia Festival, seeking donations from business to help sustain the event.

Adelaide Festival Centre chief executive Douglas Gautier says the aim is to attract more internationally acclaimed artists.

“We can bring more work from Asia, we can look at more collaborative work between Asian artists and Australian artists, a lot of which is going on already, importantly the people-to-people work,” he said.

Mr Gautier says this year’s OzAsia Festival will include an Australian premiere dance performance from China’s Shandong province.

“The thing about this year’s festival is that is really will be our sister province on display and so all those wonderful things from Shandong including the visual arts, we’ll have a number of kite masters from Shandong here, terrific ceramics, great acrobatic troupes,” he said.

This year’s event is from September 5-21.

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