Maguire on Letterman: It’s cheaper to film in Australia

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Pictured: Tobey Maguire, who plays Nick Carroway to Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jay Gatsby in the upcoming film adaption of ‘The Great Gatsby’, laughs about his accidental admission that filming in Australia, rather than America, was cheaper for Gatsby.

TTN: In a fluke boost to Australian tourism, Tobey Maguire has gone on the internationally-syndicated ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ and inadvertently told the world it’s cheaper to film in Australia.

Baz Luhrmann surprised the American film industry by filming the quintessentially New York tale in Sydney.

See Tobey Maguire’s interview with David Letterman here (reference to Australia at the 2m 19 mark)

AusFilm website

Press release from Senator George Brandis:

Promoting Australia as an international film production location

Minister for the Arts and Sport, Senator George Brandis announced today on-going Australian Government funding for Ausfilm, the screen industry-government partnership company that markets Australia internationally as a ‘world’s best’ destination for screen production.

Senator Brandis, said placing Ausfilm on a permanent funding basis reflects the Government’s commitment to boosting international film and television production in Australia.

“The benefits that flow to our local screen and television industry when overseas producers work in Australia are tremendous,” Senator Brandis said.

“It builds a more sustainable and skilled workforce here and combined with new Government film incentives is helping to create a more dynamic and sustainable Australian film industry.

“Australia is already contributing significantly to the production of Post-production Digital and Visual (PDV) Effects on international films, and with Ausfilm helping to promote new Government incentives this creative sector will become stronger.”

A new Australian Government 15 per cent Location Rebate to attract large budget productions to film in Australia, and a new 15 per cent rebate for PDV work undertaken in Australia on large-budget productions, even those not shot in Australia, will be a focus for Ausfilm’s marketing and promotional work over the next 12 months.

The Australian Government is providing $1.375 million in 2007–08 to Ausfilm so the company can continue to promote Australia as a destination for international film production. The company has been supported with annual Government funding since 2002–03.

Recent large budget offshore productions in Australia include Superman Returns, Charlotte’s Web, Ghostrider, The Matrix trilogy and Star Wars episodes two and three. Australian companies have contributed digital and visual effects work for productions including Superman Returns, Harry Potter, 300, The Painted Veil, Blood Diamond, To Catch a Fire, The Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, Charlotte’s Web, House of the Flying Daggers and, of course, Happy Feet.

Ausfilm markets Australian and state/territory government incentives, Australian locations and the capabilities of Australian PDV companies and other film production service providers to international producers. It actively markets Australia in the US, Europe and Asia.

Visit for more information.

Media contact: Travis Bell 0448 950 248
8 October 2007

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