Bioluminescent algae makes news – in Hobart

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TTN 20th May 2015: A bioluminescent algae, rarely seen by humans, is causing a Hobart shore to light up in what is being called a ‘once in a lifetime’ biological event.

Nearby domestic tourists are flooding in, savvy photographers are getting their photos online ready for international news agencies, and one visiting American algae researcher is beside herself with excitement. The question is – are the promoters of Dark Mofo, the huge Hobart festival of light to be held in June – taking advantage of the free publicity?

Whilst the phenomena is likely to be very short-lived – the bloom has occurred the past 2-3 nights and is not expected to return – the rare sighting is perfect TV public relations fodder and is the exact sort of story that could catapault Dark Mofo from a Australian TV screens to nightly news segments across the USA and UK.

‘Sea Sparkles’ put on sensational light show in southern Tasmania

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