Welcome Back! Venues gear up for return

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Foralus Group are excited to resume business in their iconic venues across Sydney.

The Tourism News Editorial By Michael Holani, 07.October.2021 

Foralus are ready to welcome back customers across their venues in the city and Manly, with exciting spring menus after months of lockdown.

After months of lockdown having devasting effects on the hospitality industry, being restricted to takeaway and once again forced to wait for the government to announce when they can reopen.

Foralus venues like most in the industry have been hit hard since the lockdown started, now they are excited to resume business as they welcome customers back to their iconic venues across the city and Manly.

Welcome Back: Venues gear up for return. In Situ

(Foralus venue, Insitu Bar Manly, picture from Broadsheet, photographer Ken Hughes-Parry)

Lockdowns have required operators to become creative in their day-day operations. The Tourism News spoke with Tristian Hope, Head of Hospitality at Foralus, and when asked about the effects the lockdown had on business operations.

“We trimmed the business to its core & focused on a great initiative out of one of our business venues “Insitu Bar Manly” … “takeaway & delivery of double portions of cocktails & limited food menu items has been a really big success”.

Like many operators, the issue on their mind during lockdown was around the uncertainty on when the industry would be able to resume business.

“Not knowing the roadmap out & timeframes have been the hardest part” said Tristian.

Despite the downside of the lockdown, the group were elated to realise that their local community had become loyal patrons of the group’s Manly venues.

‘The brand itself has a great local, loyal following ” said Tristian.

Welcome Back: Venues gear up for return

( Foralus venue in Manly, Donnys Bar, picture, from Donnys Bar website)

As October the 11th 2021 was announced as the date Sydney would reopen, Foralus immediately implemented plans to welcome back customers.

When asked what the Foralus venues will be doing to welcome back patrons, Mr Hope said “We are reopening with a BANG! New food menus, cocktail lists, beer offerings & new wine lists” will be combined with nightly specials to welcome back their customers.

In a final word from Tristian to customers “We have missed all customers, Get to Manly & The Hard Rock Cafe….”. 

Welcome Back: Venues gear up for return

(Foralus property, Hard Rock cafe Sydney, picture from wacky duo)

The Tourism News would like to wish Foralus and all hospitality and tourism operators the very best in the coming months leading to Christmas.

It has been a tough couple of years for all those in the industry that have had to face the hardships caused by the pandemic.

From personal experience, I know those in the industry are resilient. Having a thick skin and the ability to carry on with a smile on one’s face are unspoken requirements in the industry.

Let’s be optimistic that we won’t have to endure any further lockdowns or restrictions in NSW once we wake up from hibernation on the 11th of October, 2021.

Michael Holani

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