Gamified Fed Square attracts visitors to the city

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Media release 2.3.22

The big screen at Fed Square has been turned into an interactive beachball game for anyone to play, as a part of Fed Square’s new digital channel called Seagull TV.

Seagull TV is a suite of innovative, seagull-themed digital content created in partnership with experiential agency Spatial Sauce to enhance programming across Fed Square’s digital façade and virtual assets. Seagull TV broadcasts Seagull Sessions, video clips of songs performed by seagulls, Live Reflections, a portal that lets people experience life as a seagull lounging by a pool and Beachball Bonanza, a challenge where players in Fed Square need to keep virtual beachballs from touching the ground by moving or jumping.

Since launching on Fed Square’s big screen in January 2022, Seagull TV has captured the attention of visitors and added a touch of joy, music and movement to the city. Over 30 people are stopping and playing each game of Beachball Bonanza by working together, jumping and having fun.

Continuing to creatively evolve the content and its reach, Fed Square’s seagull boy-band GULL5 have today launched their hit song “Relationchip” to YouTube. To watch it now, click here.

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