The laughter returns to Richmond Regent twin cinema

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Leaon Anderson

The Laughter returns to Richmond Regent twin cinema

The Tourism News Editorial By Michael Holani, 28.November.2021  

Comedians are looking forward to telling jokes, as a night of laughter is what we could all use following a long lockdown.

The laughter returns to Regent twin cinema following a long hiatus caused by a covid lockdown. Covid has significantly affected the performing arts industry on the east coast. The effects of lockdown have been followed closely by TTN in our stories Musicians relocate to WA’s bustling music scene Falls festival in Tasmania in doubt. 

The Bucket list comedy night will take place on Sunday the 12th of December at the Richmond Regent Cinema. The event will showcase 6 Comedians with vast experience, who are itching to do what they love and make everyone laugh.

The Bucket list

TTN spoke with the Event promoter/comedian Leon Anderson, who himself is performing on the night. Mr Anderson has told TTN of the joy he has had been able to perform and organise shows again. Mr Anderson says “that after this pandemic, it is important to laugh again”.

As with many operators, covid has hit hard and taken its toll on business. TTN asked about the effects covid has had on the comedy industry.  Mr Anderson said, “the non-operation of businesses has made it hard to attract sponsors and corporate businesses to events.”

The Bucket list is lining up to become a promising night, for those who attend and the performing arts industry. The night will give the audience a good laugh, those performing a stage and the Regent cinema a chance to impress those who visit the boutique venue.

By Michael Holani

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